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Doug Setter, BSc.

Doug was born with a club foot and had pneumonia three times by the time he was six years old.   At age 18, 5 ft. 9 inches, 120 pounds, he was considered underweight for the Canadian military.  But, an impatient army clerk waived him through the paperwork.  Doug became a military Morse Code Operator in the Queen Charlotte Islands, in the middle of nowhere.  He fell into the culture of steady drinking to break the monotony and boredom.  Not liking where he was going, Doug started taking high potency vitamins, changed his diet, exercised, practiced yoga, meditated and applied for a trade and location transfer.  Over the next few years, he gained over 30 pounds of muscle, became a paratrooper, marathon runner and competitive kick-boxer in Canada and Hong Kong.  At age 39, he entered university and earned a Bachelor of Human Ecology (Foods and Nutrition).  In his studies, he focused on the problems of depression and alcoholism, which took the life of his only sister and five former co-workers.   This led to writing Reduce Your Alcohol Craving.  He is also the author of Stomach Flattening, Women’s Kick-Boxing, One Less Victim: a Crime Prevention Guide Simple Secrets to Handle Your Alcohol Better: Student’s Edition and Global ebook Award winning novel, Selo.  At 47 years, he climbed Mt. Rainier. At 51 years, he passed the infantry warrant officer’s course in New Brunswick.

Reduce Your Alcohol Craving ebook

Making these kind of bio-chemical and life changes will very likely cause you to change
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