Is Alcohol Destroying Your Own Happiness, Health, Relationships…or Even Your Career?”
“The Real Secret To Finally Winning
The Endless Battle With Alcohol Is…
STOPPING Your Cravings For It!”
“Here’s How I Personally Won The Battle…And You Can Too!
And the great news is, you’ll be able to cut your cravings WITHOUT spending a fortune on typical expensive therapies or participating in embarrassing group meetings!

‘Excellent book. Highly recommended!’
Alan Gettis, Phd, Clinical Psychologist, author of The Happiness Solution’

“FACT: Enjoying Alcohol Is NOT A Bad Thing…
The Problem Begins When It Controls You!”

The best path in life for true happiness and success starts with moderation and balance…This is true when spending money, eating foods you love, and in your case…alcohol consumption. Let’s be brutally honest, you’re here reading this for a reason. You feel that your alcohol consumption has a strong grip on you, and you want to turn the tables on it once and for all.You dream of simply being able to have just a few drinks with friends or family, and not let it turn into an all out binge or craving where you feel the NEED to drink more and more.


“You see, drinking alcohol is not the issue. The issue has to do with your control over it, and that starts with the internal cravings of needing it.”

It’s the same with many obese people in this world. It’s not an issue that they eat, the issue lies with the internal drive to go all out when they eat. It’s that internal mechanism that doesn’t know how to shut off.Have you ever noticed when a friend or another person goes on a drinking binge, that everything else in their world (hygiene, eating, exercise, even personality) all disappears into the background…while the drinking takes center stage?And when you think about it, when this type of drinking binge occurs, which came first…the lack of hygiene, the lazy lifestyle, the “I really don’t care” attitude…or was it the capacity to drink?

Maybe you can personally relate to all or some of these issues when you get stuck in a cycle of drinking. Maybe it hits a little to close to home for you. If it does, then I have GREAT NEWS for you so please read further…

But first, let me ask you this…

What if I told you that your own environment, genetics, type of work, or even lifestyle could have a HUGE increase in your own physical “need” or craving for alcohol?And what if deep inside of you, the inner hurt or depression you hold tightly could be released, and the anxiety or panic that sits just below the surface could also be calmed?
It’d feel pretty good wouldn’t it? Just image that feeling for a minute.With the proven research of nutritional researchers Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw, combined with the alcohol rehabilitative methods of Dr. Joan Larsen…I’ve developed a POWERFUL and HIGHLY EFFECTIVE system that will eliminate your need to get drunk.Does this mean cutting out alcohol all together? No.
“It means being able to enjoy a few drinks here and there, but not losing
control or being a victim to further binges.”

When many people think of alcoholics, they think of some wino in the street. Poor. Homeless. Horrible hygiene and no life. But in the majority of cases, most heavy drinkers are actually high-functional people living and working people in today’s society. They could be the local barber, judge, or even a physician or dentist.No matter their status in life, the one thing that is common is their MENTAL and PHYSICAL craving for alcohol. This is universal.So how do I know what it REALLY feels to crave alcohol?

Because I’ve lived and breathed it. I’ve been stuck in the craving cycle, and I paid the price for it. The funny thing is, I actually grew up among a group of alcoholics, and I remember telling myself many times that I’d “never touch that stuff” after seeing its effects on them.

But guess what? As soon as I hit adulthood, BAM! I fell into the very cycle that I had witnessed and despised when I was younger. The drunken binges. The horrible hangovers. The crazy mood swings.


“Drinking was my way of ‘numbing’ myself to make the world easier
to handle,
or to create a bit of an escape from it. Or so I thought…”
Further down the road in life, I eventually joined the Army, and was posted on the Queen Charlotte Islands near Alaska. The weather was dismal, and there was nothing much to do except exercise, read, play cards…and you guessed it…drink alcohol. But I remember one day, on a whim, I bought a copy of Soldier of Fortune Magazine, and noticed an ad for some high potency vitamins that were suppose to enhance my running and training abilities. After a few weeks on this vitamin, my running and training didn’t really improve but I DID notice…
  • I was sleeping like a baby at night, and getting the best sleep of my life
  • My concentration vastly improved and I had much more mental clarity
  • My normal nervousness and anxiety had greatly subsided
  • I noticed a rapid decline in my inclination to reach for alcohol
And the thing that was amazing about these changes was that…

I didn’t attend any type of AA meetings or therapy…I didn’t develop an iron will out of the blue to curb my cravings…I didn’t have some “life changing” experience that transformed my life…

I went from being stupidly drunk 2-3 times PER week, to just a few drinks per MONTH. And sometimes, I wouldn’t even have a drop of alcohol all month long. I felt as though I was coming into my real self, and out of a trance. I realized what I DIDN’T want in my situation, and despite all the resistance from people around me, I focused more on what I DID want. I felt empowered. I felt in charge. And within 6 months, I left the isolation of the Queen Charlotte Islands and moved to a base in Kingston, Ontario.

“I only continued to gain strength, mental clarity, and the more I relaxed…the MORE I put on muscle.
Instead of forcing to put on healthy weight, it started to come naturally.”
By the time I hit age 39, I went to the University of Manitoba to earn my Bachelor of Human Ecology, and even studied the research of AA founder, William Griffith Wilson, who wrote an entire paper on the benefits of Vitamin B3. .
Through all my research and in-depth study…
  • I began to understand how many mental conditions were actually influenced by chemical and physical imbalances in the body. I learned that conditions like Candida yeast, allergies and even hypothyroidism could affect the way a person reacts, craves and even tolerates alcohol!
  • I figured out why some people could tolerate huge quantities of alcohol, while others could barely drink a drop and get angry, aggressive or simply just fall asleep. This was a really huge breakthrough that I’d never seen before!

  • I realized that people’s reaction to alcohol depended on their own body biochemistry…whether they were born that way or developed it or shaped it in other ways. The difference could be the difference between an alcoholic vs. a normal sober person
But despite everything I learned, society and those around me didn’t take me serious. The “mainstream” solution of joining groups like AA or ACOA was still firm in its foundation, and it still remained the “go to” avenue for those with alcohol issues.

“No one would listen to my idea of implementing a mega vitamin solution.
My ideas got shot down time and time again…”
But I still pushed forward with my research on nutrient based cravings that included alcohol. I eventually got my degree and continued to do even more research. What I found was that research pioneers like Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw were already recommending similar formulas to celebrities and the business elite, since the 1970’s to help slow the effects of aging, stress, injuries…and cravings for tobacco and alcohol.I knew that if they recommended it for some of the biggest people in the world, and it also worked amazingly well for me…I knew that it could help ANYONE who was struggling with alcohol as well.

After even more research, including unique ways to modify behavior, and positive support and feedback from my friends…I finally created the Reduce Your Alcohol Craving manual with all the information I had learned.
And now you have the opportunity to finally use these PROVEN tips, tricks and techniques
to finally get your life back in control from alcohol abuse.
Inside this breakthrough manual, you’ll discover…


  • How certain wheat allergies and sugar can greatly effect your own reaction to alcohol
  • Which specific medical conditions can INCREASE your desire to drink more alcohol
  • Find out which types of environments are conducive to wanting to drink more
  • Learn how your genetic disposition could be in the drivers seat of your own cravings
  • The best ways to avoid relapses, and how to enjoy alcohol without the side effects
  • How to rebuild your health after years of alcohol abuse. Change can happen fast!
  • You’ll discover ALL this information plus so much more!

If you want to STOP staying stuck in the endless battle of alcohol cravings, and want to reduce your cravings naturally in as little as 10 Days, then Reduce Your Alcohol Craving is a must read for you!
“And the good news, you can have access to all this information for the cost of a few cups of premium coffee only, and not the THOUSANDS you could spend going into a treatment program.”
The choice is now up to you…
Continue to suffer, or get on the road to real freedom!
“Yes Doug! I’m ready to invest in my own copy of
Reduce Your Alcohol Craving right now for ONLY $14!”

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‘It’s hard to see how anyone reading this book could not learn a clearer pathway to a more normal life. It’s your life to live well, and he tells you how from the “been there” perspective.’
Carroll Wolverton, author of Method Weight Management: A Common Sense Approach to Weight Loss
“I knew of course that I was drinking because of my upbringing, bad luck and anger issues. However, NOTHING has worked as well as Doug’s methods! It has helped me and I sincerely hope that you will give it a try to reduce your Alcohol Craving problems.” Anton Leontowicz, Mexico
“Throughout my career, have seen plenty of misery and broken lives from addictions. Doug’s approach to alcohol addiction is amazingly simple”
William Bell, former Vice Squad, Winnipeg Police Dept.

From biochemistry, to psychology, sleep and eating disorders – a tremendous amount of material is dealt with in a very straightforward and helpful way. It’s filled with useful strategies such as the “5 minute rule” which I plan to implement in my own psychotherapy practice. Alan Gettis, Phd. Clinical Psychologist, author of The Happiness Solution .