pilates-1Pilates is a system of core conditioning that is often misunderstood. It literally trains your neuro-muscular pathways to align your body to be stronger and more flexible.
Imagine a tent with crooked guy lines. The tent might hold up for awhile. But, put it under any kind of stress, like a wind storm, and it is going to collapse. Also, the long term use of a crooked tent is going to wear it down prematurely. Many of us are walking around in “crooked tent” bodies. Just hammering away at ourselves with high-impact exercise, will rarely reduce the pain of injuries or improve our performance.
Pilates builds strong core muscles, which strengthens the body’s posture. A strong posture improves strength, endurance and even digestion. From an emotional and even a self defense perspective, posture builds confidence.
In my forties, I was impressed the way that Pilates reduced some of my back and hip pain from years of military parachuting, a motorcycle accident, kick-boxing and running full marathons. I took the Pilates Mat Level One Instructor course and started teaching the method to friends and clients. Some clients passed their 70′s reported being able to move better and faster from the Pilates training.