From biochemistry, to psychology, sleep and eating disorders – a tremendous amount of material is dealt with in a very straightforward and helpful way. It’s filled with useful strategies such as the “5 minute rule” which I plan to implement in my own psychotherapy practice. Alan Gettis, Phd. Clinical Psychologist, author of The Happiness Solution .

“I knew of course that I was drinking because of my upbringing, bad luck and anger issues. However, NOTHING has worked as well as Doug’s methods! It has helped me and I sincerely hope that you will give it a try to reduce your Alcohol Craving problems.” Anton Leontowicz, Mexico


‘Throughout my career, have seen plenty of misery and broken lives from addictions. Doug’s approach to alcohol addiction is amazingly simple.’
William Bell, former Vice Squad, Winnipeg Police Dept.


‘It’s hard to see how anyone reading this book could not learn a clearer pathway to a more normal life. It’s your life to live well, and he tells you how from the “been there” perspective.’
Carroll Wolverton, author of Method Weight Management: A Common Sense Approach to Weight Loss and Living Cheap and Loving It: Tomatoes in the Flower Bed.